haley balzano


HALE (Haley . Architecture . Lifestyle . Experience)

For Haley Balzano, every design decision starts with one simple question – what is authentic and distinctively extraordinary? As an award winning architect, interior designer and business owner, Balzano has always considered these essential factors when tasked with creating meaningful endeavors. She believes that the most impressionable designs are the ones that are most genuine.

The HALE Collection is made up of mirrors, flooring, textiles and furniture pieces that embody Balzano’s key eye in identifying one of a kind patterns, textures and architectural details. Her mission in bringing this collection to life was inspired by her 20-year background in the creative industry and her continued adventures from around the world.

Today, Balzano leads her team at Bar Napkin Productions, a global creative agency that specializes in hospitality design. Her fresh perspective is the guiding force behind each decision made.