Busting Out With Inspiration


It is easy to assume that people who work in the creative industry have an easy time getting inspired. The truth is that the majority of us understand that creativity requires some kind of spark of light or an ah-ha moment that gets us excited. 

And, when we get excited, we get productive (and may I even say provocative?). It is that simple. Being provocative is a balance between relatable, even identifiable, but with a later of edge and suggestion.  

Meet Agent Provocateur. A luxurious yet racy lingerie company, Agent Provocateur has caught the eyes of Penelope Cruz, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and even Michelle Obama. Other high-profile fans of the label include Paris Hilton, Lily Allen and Carmen Electra just to name a few. 

Inspired by the sexy lines, this week I have Busted Out a provocatively inspired curation of interior pieces.....