Greetings From BDWest 2017


One of the many benefits of being an owner of an architecture and design firm is traveling to various conferences throughout the country, and checking out what is the latest and greatest products currently on the market. 


My creative agency, Bar Napkin Productions in Phoenix, Arizona focuses on architecture, design, and branding in the hospitality industry. So, we are always eager to find new products that will not just knock our socks off, but that can also be incorporated into our upcoming projects. 

This week, I am in Los Angeles to attend one of my most favorite events of the year, The Boutique Design West Trade Show. This year, it was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center which was a two day home to all sorts of dazzling products including; furnishings, lighting, textiles,  technology and much more!  

Here are a few up close and personal snap shots from day 1 at this year's BDWest!