Knotted Together With Inspiration


On the fourth day of January in 2016, Windy Chien was at home in San Francisco in her backyard woodworking shed, aware of the new year ahead. She had an actual ‘lightbulb moment,' that would ignite her creativity to her whole other level.


Chien had been thriving in her career, even working at Apple for many years, but soon became tired of staring at computer screens - so she started to take classes in arts and crafts.

Chien loved woodworking but was drawn to macramé - as she appreciated the power of a line. Her craft exploration developed even further after she started reading The Ashley Book of Knots. This book motivated her to learn and tie a new knot every day of the year. By the end of the year, she had 366 knots (2016 was a leap year!).

Chien truly transformed her new knot hobby into something greater than she could ever imagine. She is now a true star in her craft (and girl boss!)  and continues to shine bright in the design spotlight - effortlessly moving between decorative and fine art.  

She is now best known for her project, The Year Of Knots, Helix Lights and grand installations.  in which she learned a new knot every day for a year. Her work has been covered by Wired, The New York Times, Martha Stewart and more.


Take a look at some of her creative magic. I am so impressed by her story and devotion.


Chien's rope art installations hang across the country including at an IBM campus in Cambridge, Mass., AngelList’s corporate S.F. HQ, and McGuire Furniture showrooms in San Francisco and New York. She also sells many of her custom pieces through her site,


Thank you for inspiring us, Windy!