Sculpted With A Kiss


Expressing yourself through sculpture is just like any other kind of art form. The only difference is that sculpting is a 3D dimensional art form compared to the likes of painting or drawing. In addition, there is an architectural element to sculpting which makes me appreciate the process and final product even more. 

When I first learned about Barbara Nanning I was immediately inspired with how she was able to perfect the craft of combining tradition and innovation.


“I treat all my work as though it were a jewel.” Barbara Nanning,

One of Nanning’s other artistic outlets is jewelry designing for Amsterdam-based company Sparkles Diamond, founded by cousins Daniel and Ronald Schipper, whose family has longstanding ties to the European diamond and jewelry trade. The Schippers created an innovative business concept where they partner with design talents who might otherwise be prevented by the cost of materials from applying their genius to jewelry. Pretty fabulous idea, eh?

Nanning went on to create a line of jewelry designs that will melt your heart. But, one piece in particular I must give a big shout out to since is celebrating all things lips this week!

Yes, ladies - please give a big smooch to Nanning's Kiss Kiss ring! This ring encompasses a bold but feminine touch with a nod to contemporary art and a dash of glamour. I hope you appreciate this beautiful design and the remarkable woman behind it.

Barbara Nanning & Sparkles Diamond and Gold Kiss Ring, $2,850