The Year of The Woman

image.png, the world's leading online destination for discovering and purchasing art, is naming 2017 "The Year of the Woman," honoring the global movement of female empowerment and growing interest in female artists and artwork that celebrates, supports and energizes women's issues, diversity and inclusion.


The declaration comes at the close of a tumultuous year, but one that heard women's voices rise louder than ever, speaking out on equality, civil rights, health care, the environment, violence and, most recently, allegations of ingrained sexual harassment across a variety of industries.

"Art is a mirror for our broader cultural environment, and in 2017, we saw an increasing number of women turn to it as a powerful means of self-expression and inspiration," said Kira Wampler, chief executive officer. "By declaring it 'The Year of the Woman,' we wanted to show our support for female advocates everywhere and honor the progress they've made thus far."


I take my hat off to Kira and the team. Thank you for honoring such a powerful time in our history. 

Onward and upward we go!