5 Tips For A Better Day


I feel like I've lived fifty different lives in one lifetime. Who knows, maybe that is why I appreciate cats so much. Or, maybe it all has to do with my personal journey to do better, be better, and think better. The reality is, I am still a work in progress but these days I am at my most happiest. I am reminded every day by those closest to me of how lucky I am with little things like a cup a coffee, a crazy text or even a simple "Hi!". It can be something light and humorous or a single line that starts my engine and motivates me to make it a worthwhile day. I've learned that it is the small decisions I make in my morning that are the most important.

I typically rise around 6:00am with the conviction to get as much as I can done while driving to the office. I've learned that is not always a good thing. The advancements of technology in cars has certainly made running your life from your drivers seat much easier, let alone taking conference calls and booking meetings with the sound of your voice. 

I like being the girl on the go. I like being the boss. It is my mother, Claudia, who instilled such a work ethic in me. She always encouraged me to be successful in my career and to never sell myself short. 

With that said, I've made it a big point to dial down my morning routine and be more in the moment.  I started to wake up each morning and set five simple goals for myself. I thought I would share them with you with the hopes of inspiring you to start your day with my conviction and less complaining. If it could work for me - I know it could work for you.

Give them a try for a couple weeks. I would love to know if they helped you too! 

1.) Don't hit the snooze button. 

I know it is tempting to continue to stay cozy underneath your warm covers, but that snooze button is not doing your any favors. You don't want to mess up your sleep schedule or create a routine that always involves getting up 10 minutes than what you had planned. Those extra 10 minutes are important. As soon as you hear that alarm - get up!


2.) Have some quiet time.

I don't care if you lock yourself in the bathroom while the kids are eating breakfast or sit in the shower. Try and embrace the beauty that comes with meditation. You don't need to sit with your legs crossed and chant on a yoga mat either but you must find time to listen to your breathe and find your center. What does that mean? Turn your brain off before jumping into your day.


3.) Don't forget your manners.

I don't care if you are the CEO or the entry level mailroom clerk. It is your duty to yourself and the people around you to practice kindness. Remember to look people in the eye, say "thank you" and "please." My mother would pat me on the back for this tip as manners were incredibly important to her. The truth is - she was right. I did not become the boss by being rude.


4.) Get some fresh air.

One of my biggest inspirations for what I do in the world of creativity is nature. If you are not connected with nature then you can't be creative. It is that simple. I make it a point to step outside, notice my surroundings and find one piece of nature that gets my attention. It can be a uniquely colored flower, the design of a distressed piece of wood, or texture of a rock. Open your eyes. You won't be disappointed.


5.) Don't work after work.

This was my most difficult challenge. It took me years and years to not reply to emails after work hours. As much as I love smartphones, texting, and "always being available" - it was killing my personal life and draining my energy. So, do yourself a favor and put your phone away once you walk in the door. Your significant other will definitely appreciate it!