A Thing Called Love

Sculpture by Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze

Sculpture by Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze


I am much more a lover than a fighter. The Jersey Girl in me would beg to differ, but I guess you can say that it all depends on the day. 

With V-Day is just around the corner (as commercial as I think it is), I can't help but still reflect on what makes love so impactful in the rest of our lives. My fairy-tale and road to a solid relationship was a bumpy one. There were twists, turns, and unexpected detours that I definitely did not see coming. But, through it all - I learned about myself, about men, and that silly little thing called love. 

1.) A guy will not say the words "I love you" unless he really means it.

Men don't throw those words out everyday and won't say it if they were not wanting something long term. One of my number one rules about dating, relationships and love is that men will always tell you what they want. If they don't love you than they won't say it. If they do love you than they will say it. It is that simple. Don't waist your time trying to understand what he is trying to say or what he is thinking. He will tell you. I promise.


2.) Men hate rejection. 

Don't be surprised if he flips his lid because you did not give him the answer he wanted. If you are not into him then you are not into him. You can't force chemistry.


3.) Don't play games.

You can be a little mysterious in the beginning but after a couple months there will come a time when you will have to cut to the chase. Are you in or are you out? The same goes for him too!


4.) Love you first before jumping into the dating pond.

If you suffer from insecurity than you won't be able to fully embrace someone loving you back. You have to believe in love and that you can be loved. That is the recipe to a good relationship.


5.) Listen to your gut.

Everyone is going to have an opinion about what you do, who you date, and who you marry. Here is the best tip of the day; tune out all that noise and listen to your gut. You know what you want.

With Gratitude,
Haley Balzano
Creator of H-A-L-E.com