Ready to Rebel


I am a perfectionist at heart especially when it comes to my work. The hard part about being so type-A is that you always expect that everything will turn out just the way you want it. I’ve been like this most of my life, even as a young girl in dance classes or working tirelessly on a school project. Dotting my “I’s” and crossing my “T’s" is an understatement. Perfection is the only result.

When I launched a few years ago, I envisioned it to be a place where people would be inspired by my many thoughts and ideas in the world of design and architecture. Being a female in a “man’s industry” is not easy so my blog served as a perfect outlet when it came to expressing my artistic side. My writing, researching, and posting different aspects of the creative world fueled the fire inside of me to share my confetti filled jar of ideas when it came to interiors, branding, fashion, and art.

However, last year when life was going full steam ahead like a bullet train (on its way to the land of sleep deprivation), I was knocked off my track and came to a screeching halt. My mentor, my idol, my biggest fan, my Grandmother passed away. This news hit me to the core of my soul as my Grandmother was always my first phone call, my rock, and one of the few people in the world that just got me. She not only understood me, she motivated me and inspired me to be the woman I strive to be each day. My Grandmother was colorfully unique, smart, savvy, quick-witted, and a true rebel at heart. She was the rock & roll in a room full of violins and harps. She was the Elizabeth Taylor amongst a sea of June Cleavers. She not only thought outside of the box, she lived outside of the box. She inspired and pushed me especially being a young Jersey girl with a mind so focused to always “do the right thing.” 

When my Grandmother died, my life went upside down and my mood began to shift into a state of sadness. I mourned her death for a very long time, which is the reason why I completely stopped contributing to my passion project, For those of you in the creative industry, you probably understand. It is hard to create when your mind is not in the right spot.

So, if you had been following my blog and wondered why it faded away, that is indeed my truth.

Over this past holiday season, I started to think about my Grandmother and what advice she would have given me. In her to-the-point, tell it like it is tone – she would have told me to get up, speak up, and not give up.


With her voice in my head, I have started again to do what I do best. Draw. Write. Design. Create. Reflect... on some of my favorite memories of Grandmother and the type of woman that she has motivated me to re-launch

It was the rebel, the dreamer, and the doer within her that inspired me to rethink my direction for H-A-L-E.

Each week you will get to know me better and understand my perspective and inspiration in creative curation, but also get a front row seat into an industry that is not so used to a female cracking the whip.

With all that said, my biggest wish is that this new and improved H-A-L-E inspires other women, students of design, and leaders in the creative industry.

My journey to running my own nationally recognized Creative Agency has many lessons learned. And, I am still learning... everyday. But it is these very lessons that I hope connects us as strong, creative, leading women and provokes us to be more bold and worry less about being so perfect.

Grab a glass of wine, curl up in your favorite place and dive into the new