Spring Forward


Spring is here which means we can put those closed toe shoes and scratchy sweaters away for good. The Arizona heat is on the rise here in the Valley of the Sun, but you won't find me complaining because I am all about the sunshine and blue skies. Although all of the seasons have their ups and downs, Spring just happens to be my most favorite. There is just something about it that makes me stop and reflect. Perhaps, it has a funny way about making us feel really grateful. You know what I mean, people have a tendency to not just stop and smell the roses - they start digging their way back into the dirt, lifting out new soil and replanting for new growth. 

So, I must ask - is Spring truly a turning point that comes each year for people to start fresh? Dare I call it a rebirth for us all?

What I will declare is that Spring reminds us to be appreciative for what was missing while it was away. Whether that be a colorful wardrobe, flowers in the garden, warmer temperatures, or the fact you can finally start planning that beach vacation you've been dreaming about.

Spring brings out happiness - that is a fact! And, I am here to welcome it with open arms!