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How To Sketch Out Your Passion

I get asked quite often why I decided to get into architecture and design. My usual reply is that I came out of the womb sketching floor plans. A roll of sketch paper is still glued to my hip to this day. The reality is that I really had no choice—and I mean that in the best way possible. The combination of the arts and putting concepts together is in my parents' DNA. My mother had such a passion for theater and the arts, and my father very much enjoys connecting the dots. Like most little girls, I enjoyed playing with dolls but it was the actual doll houses that I gravitated to the most.

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5 Tips For A Better Day

I feel like I've lived fifty different lives in one lifetime. Who knows, maybe that is why I appreciate cats so much. Or, maybe it all has to do with my personal journey to do better, be better, and think better. The reality is, I am still a work in progress but these days I am at my most happiest. I am reminded every day by those closest to me of how lucky I am with little things like a cup a coffee, a crazy text or even a simple "Hi!". It can be something light and humorous or a single line that starts my engine and motivates me to make it a worthwhile day.

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A Thing Called Love

I am much more a lover than a fighter. The Jersey Girl in me would beg to differ, but I guess you can say that it all depends on the day. With V-Day is just around the corner (as commercial as I think it is), I can't help but still reflect on what makes love so impactful in the rest of our lives. My fairy-tale and road to a solid relationship was a bumpy one. There were twists, turns, and unexpected detours that I definitely did not see coming. But, through it all - I learned about myself, about men, and that silly little thing called love.

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