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Student Organization Of Women Architects

I am a big fan of Arizona State University and their design program. When I read the recent article titled, "Introducing the Student Organization of Women Architects and Allied Arts" from ASU's State Press, I was immediately energized and inspired by the young women mentioned. One of the reasons, is that we have a similar mission in bringing the spotlight to women in the creative world and discussing the inequality issue within our field. 

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Thank you, Ned Cramer

I am an architect, a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, designer and more. If you are new to and just discovering my digital platform than you will learn that I am also a woman. A woman that celebrates other women in all aspects of life, but especially in the creative world. Whether that be in architecture, design, fashion, or art - it has been my mission for the past two years to put the spotlight on women that are changing the creative game. 

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