Take Me To Paradise


Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Me too! Traveling to a paradise with crystal clear coves and deep blue oceans is just what the doctor ordered. I have always been passionate about traveling to other countries. Growing up my parents made it a point to take us on mini vacations from time to time. They always expressed the importance of learning about countries outside of the United States. 

In my twenties, I spent months living abroad taking in other cultures up close and personal. Education is certainly a necessity but I must say that there is no better way of learning (especially about art!) than actually having your feet on the ground in a city that is filled with history on every corner.


As I grew older, my idea of traveling changed. My days of backpacking and staying in random hostels throughout Europe are definitely over. Today, my idea of a vacay is ordering room service, wearing a big white fluffy robe, and listening to the sound of the waves crash against the shore. 


So, since this week has been centered around the topic of water, I would like to share with you some summer hot spots that are now on the very top of my bucket list.

Just looking at these images puts my mind at ease.

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1.) Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda


2.) Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas


3.) Palm Beach, Aruba


4.) El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


5.) Maldives


6.) Maya Bay, Koh Phi Ph