Wonder Woman Comes Out Strong


I've been waiting for an action packed, female charged, and shall I say buzz-worthy movie to hit the silver screen for a long time. There has been strong female leads in the past, but the majority of the time they've played second fiddle to their macho-man lead. 


So, when DC Comics released its latest gem, "Wonder Woman," I was anxious to see if it would indeed be a success. This year needs a female superhero. Just saying!! 


The latest reviews online seemed to say that "Wonder Woman" lived up with the hype unlike its predecessor DC films "Batman vs Superman," "Man of Stee," and "Suicide Squad." The preceding films were said to fall short, failing to satisfy fans despite the buzz.

The first-ever stand alone feature film of "Wonder Woman" portrayed by Gal Gadot  is said to be considered the "best DC" yet. It presented the iconic super heroine's origin in a two-hour action-filled flashback.


Directed by Patty Jenkins and produced by Entertainment/Cruel and Unusual, "Wonder Woman" opened in cinemas on June 1. 

So, ladies - why don't we take our hubbies out on a dinner and a movie date?!


This time, we get to pick the movie (and they can pay for the popcorn!).