A Motivating Makeup Line


I am a girl that loves lipstick and the ease of being able to put some on and run out the door! When in a rush or a quick morning jam - lipstick is always my answer when trying to pull a last minute look together. However, If you were to peak into my bathroom cabinets you would basically find a mini Sephora. Yes, I love products. Obsessed. But, I have learned to only stick with the basic essentials.

Taking care of my skin has always been very important to me. I love a good facial and skincare products that not only work but have a great concept behind them. For many years, beauty brands and advertisements have featured models that appear practically flawless. The truth is, there is no such thing as being "flawless" - nor should there be. Words like "flawless" and "perfection" are just not cool to me. 

Slowly, but surely our society has started to embrace what most consider to be imperfections, rallying behind anti-retouching campaigns. Perhaps, women are becoming more comfortable with seeing advertisements that feature models with more curves, a blemish, and cellulite? 

Recently, I learned about RealHer, a makeup brand that encourages female empowerment and authentic beauty. In addition to RealHer's natural, cruelty-free products, the company is founded on the basis of philanthropy, donating 20% of all gross profits to the American Association of Women which is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women.


RealHer founder, Bill Xiang wanted to create a beauty brand for his daughter that was both thoughtful and positively affirming. He hoped to establish a brand that inspired modern women to embrace their individuality and flaws.


I encourage you to learn more about RealHer and check out their website.

I've already started filling up my shopping cart. 




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