Eugenia Kim’s New York Fashion Week Debut


Eugenia Kim proved this weekend at her New York Fashion Week debut that she is indeed ahead of her brand’s 20th anniversary.

The Ivy-educated Kim was once on the pre-med track at Dartmouth, but switched gears and worked for a time as an editor at Allure while simultaneously taking millinery classes at Parsons.


In 1998, Kim found herself in New York after graduation and enrolled in a hat design class at Parsons. One night, she had a few drinks, gave herself a bad haircut and ended up having to shave her head. Then she started making hats that looked like hair! When buyers—intrigued by this hair-like hat—wanted to see a collection, Kim made one. In 2004, her story continued and the accessories maven added shoes to her repertoire, picking up a CFDA award for them. That was really the tipping point for Kim.

This past weekend in New York, Kim and her brand held its first fashion week presentation at Pier 59 studios. There, her team presented a gaggle of models dressed in high-cut swimsuits — accessorized with Eugenia Kim hats, shoes and bags.


Kim said after 20 years, it finally made sense to hold a presentation given her label’s recent expansion from solely a hat business to one that offers shoes and bags as well.

Bravo to you, Kim! You have certainly proved that bigger is better!