Fashionably In Tune


The Grammy Awards aired last night and although the universe is buzzing about the performances by Adele and Beyoncé, both strong creative female forces in music, my eyes always gravitate to the fashion.

I am a firm believer that fashion is art—wearable art—that we use to outwardly communicate to others about who we are or what we feel on a daily basis. The same amount of artistic expression can go into fashion as it does a sculpture or painting. So, when the an award show like The Grammy's comes on and all eyes are on the talented artists, I zero in on the pieces of art they are wearing. 

The attire is much more avant-garde and forward thinking than the Oscars, SAG Awards, or The Golden Globes. You see a lot more shine, shorter dresses and more expression. Here are my favorite red carpet looks from the night.

I would love to hear which were your top looks as well! 


With Gratitude,
Haley Balzano
Creator of