Pucker Up!

My signature go to lip color is a vibrant red with an orangey undertone that somehow has the power to complete my outfit with two simple strokes. The power of lipstick I tell ya!

What you probably don't know is that lipstick had quite the bumpy past. Red lipstick in particular came with some strong regulations and was looked at as a tool for "deceiving men." 

Yes, long before Coco Chanel said her famous line, "If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack," there was some twists and turns for the modern girls go-to lip shade. 

Many historians like to credit the true birth of lip painting to Ancient Egypt, when both men and women rouged their lips using a mixture of red ochre, carmine, wax or fat ("A Cultural History of Lipstick."). But, listen - I am not hear to give you a history lesson on this beautiful Sunday Funday.

What I do want to share are some pretty amazing lipstick images from the past that are inspired by the different eras of our history.

Let us celebrate the strength behind lipstick, lips, and the perfect pout!  The female lips may even be considered to be one of the most influential symbols of female beauty and sexuality in our lifetime. 

With that said, I send you all a big kiss and hope you enjoy these blasts from the past!

Ancient Civilization Inspiration


The Elizabethan Era Inspiration


The Victorian Era Inspiration


The Early 1900's Inspiration


Mid Century Inspiration


The 70's Inspiration


The 80's Inspiration


The 90's Inspiration


And, Yes! A Few Favorite Looks From Today!