Rosewater Realness


If you were to take a look into my bathroom, you might think I went a little too overboard at Sephora. Yes, I am here to admit that I am addicted to beauty products. The good news - I am perfectly fine with this addition as some of the products I recently discovered have been a blessing to my skin. 

In addition, I've jumped on the rose water bandwagon and don't plan on jumping off anytime soon. Rose water has been proven to reduce the excess oils and maintain just the right pH balance of the skin. This magical formula contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin, reduce the redness, and assist in treating treating those pesky pimples.


There are a ton of rose water formula options on the market. However, I suggest you focus on  the brands that produce the natural rose water. The rose water made with pure and original rose petals is always more effective for skin.

Here are just a few of my faves!

Poppy Austin Pure Rose Water

 Poppy Austin Pure Rose Water contains natural antioxidants to revive the skin. It is the perfect rose water for the women who want to rejuvenate the glowing skin all year round.


Eve Hansen Organic Rose Water Spray

Eve Hansen Organic Rose Water Spray will help to unblock the tight pores, restore the pH balance and moisturize the dry skin at once.

Lotus Knot Pure Natural Rose Water for Face

This rose water is free of chemicals and preservatives. It is 100% pure rose water, steam-distilled naturally from Bulgarian Damask rose petals (yeah, pretty awesome - right?!)