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Rosewater Realness

If you were to take a look into my bathroom, you might think I went a little too overboard at Sephora. Yes, I am here to admit that I am addicted to beauty products. The good news - I am perfectly fine with this addition as some of the products I recently discovered have been a blessing to my skin. In addition, I've jumped on the rose water bandwagon and don't plan on jumping off anytime soon. Rose water has been proven to reduce the excess oils and maintain just the right pH balance of the skin.

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I am not a beauty editor or one who must leave the house all glammed up, but when it comes to the latest and greatest in skincare or a new fad that does not involve being cut up - I'm in! And, yes I 100% appreciate inner beauty, but in our new superficial world of selfies, Snapchat, and social media - one must put her best foot (and face) forward.If you are in the beauty-know than you've probably heard the buzz around microblading. Unlike the not-so natural effects of permanent makeup, microblading is more of an embroidery that looks just like real hairs.

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