Creative Kickstarters


Did you know that women are more likely to create socially, environmentally and culturally conscious businesses? Thanks to our friends at Forbes, I've compiled some of the most creative projects on Kickstarter led by emerging women business owners. Yes, now is the time to start inventing in women entrepreneurs! 

Here is a look at some kick-ass female driven Kickstarters -  share your support below! 

1.) The edible Lolistraw

Brought to you by the makers of the edible cup, product designers Leigh Ann and Chelsea are back at it again with an edible straw. This hyper-compostable straw is the first of its kind, and they're hoping it'll solve some of our most pressing plastic problems.


2.) Woven textiles on demand

Introducing WOVNS. Created by twins Dena and Chelsea Molnar, the online platform allows users to turn digital designs into woven fabric. Coming from textiles backgrounds, the sisters were inspired to make customized fabric a little more accessible to all.


3.) The first no-bounce sports bra

No-bounce workout? Entrepreneur Jennifer Paulson claims that's now a reality. She's currently fundraising for the production of her first sports bra, Siggie Lodoen, which intends to reduce discomfort and increase support for curvy women during exercise.


4.) Leza The Label

Frustrated by the stiff feel of traditional dress pants, entrepreneurs Tanya and Karens launched LEZÉ the Label, a line of professional loungewear meant for the range of activities and environments most working women find themselves in. (You can get a pair of LEZÉ pants for as little as $75, by the way.)