La La Land Ladies


Los Angeles has a pretty specific reputation. You either love it or you hate. The City of Angels is not for everybody. However, I will say it is the place to go if you are a doer, dreamer, risk taker, and the type of person looking to challenge themselves. In the world of design, fashion, and architecture, La La Land has been known to be one of the most prominenent places in the country for opportunity and a chance to shine. 

Below are a few extremely talented female architects who have made their mark in a town that is filled with competition and hurdles. Bravo to them and to any person in the creative world who is in the process of carving out their dreams (especially in Los Angeles!).

Barbara Bestor /  Blackbirds Project / Echo Park, CA


Julia Morgan / Hearst Castle / San Simeon, CA


Cory Buckner / Crestwood Hills ReDesign / Los Angeles, CA