Like A Boss


I am lucky to have so many strong women in my life that have had amazing journeys. They've all been through the ups and downs of life, but somehow managed to not only land on their feet, but sink their stilettos firmly into the ground. To say that my female friends inspire me is an understatement. 

With that in mind, I am sharing a series of of posts called, "Like A Boss" where I give a shout out to the female fighters in my world who have gone above and beyond to make their dreams come true and are leaders and bosses—lady bosses—at that! 

So, let me bring to your attention one of my nearest and dearest, Airen Holbrook. Yep, there she is with that trademark smile she wears so well.

Airen has an incredibly talented eye for design and just so happens to be one of the most honest people I know. She is the type of girl who you go to for the real truth, who won't sugar coat her answers and will make you laugh so hard your stomach muscles hurt. On top of being a ray of joy in my life, she works her ass off traveling around the nation transforming regular spaces into one of a kind experiences. Just this past week, Airen and her partner, Christopher Faiss, joined forces with Banana Republic and their most recent style ambassador, Olivia Palermo to create the brand's newest pop-up store. Did I also mention it just so happens to be New York City Fashion Week. Uh, yeah, pretty damn cool.


When the doors opened on February 9, the "BP" pop-up offered a peek inside Palermo’s universe. Airen and Chris worked tirelessly to create and bring to life a space where people could come and feel at home. With the use of taking great basics and color, along with some selected photographs, the Banana Republic Pop-Up Shop came to life. And, yes, all thanks to my highly talented friend, Airen. 

If you have the pleasure to be in the Big Apple, I hope you hop on down to SOHO and check out the the pop-ups bright modern interiors that were created, along with Palermo's selected labels that had been pulled from her very own inner circle. 


But, if all that recent snow prevents you from traveling, I've got you covered! Thank God for videos. Take a look!


Congratulations Airen, Olivia, and Banana Republic on a job well done.

Thank you for inspiring me (and making me smile!).