Linda Rodin's Lip Wardrobe


They say there is no such thing as a coincidence right? Well, that seemed to be the case when I was sitting at one of my favorite Parisian cafes last summer. While sipping my favorite glass of red wine over a tower of oysters, I ran into a friend that frequently visits the cafe each time I am there. She had briefly told me there was an event in the shopping complex across the street and that she would be attending. I really did not think anything of it and continued to go about my lunch. 

Well, while I was headed toward the near by parking garage, I ran into this same friend but this time she was holding a Linda Rodin shopping bag!

My eyes zeroed in on the bag which was followed by my immediate reaction, "Oh, I love anything Linda Rodin! I'm such a huge fan. What did you buy?" As those words came flooding from my lips, she quickly replied with, "Follow me, Linda Rodin is holding an event just around the corner!"

As I walked through the event doors, there sitting at a table in the back with her perfect silver wavily hair was the one and only, Linda Rodin. And, to make this afternoon even more magical - I had the absolute honor to talk with her about all my favorite topics (which obviously included fashion and design!).


She was as lovely, intelligent, and kind as I expected her to be. Oh, yeah - did I mention she was wearing a killer jean jumper?

If you are not familiar with the goddess that is Linda Rodin, than I can only go on to describe her as a pioneer in fashion, a leading lady in styling, and a beauty business mogul. That's right, Linda Rodin has built a beauty empire (now part of Estee Lauder) which just so happens to feature my FAVORITE lipstick line.


I mean how can you not love a lipstick name shade like, "Tough Tomato, So Mod, and Billie on the Bike?"


So, why don't you pucker up and skim through Linda Rodin's luxury lipstick line which you can order by clicking directly on the images below!