So Very Posh

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With Mother's Day on the horizon I wanted to highlight a particular mom who is in the public eye that deserves a shout out. Can we take our women hats off to the one and only, Victoria Beckham? A mom, a wife, designer, performer, and an entrepreneur who has gone above and beyond in making a name for herself - as well as reinventing it over again.


Even as one of the lesser-known Spice Girls, Victoria was very on brand with the whole β€˜girl power’ vibe the group had going on for them. She brought her very own Posh-ness to the group's music videos which would later translate into her own brand, Victoria Beckham


As most of us ladies know, being a "boss lady" in design means you will always hear those pesky opinions circle around us from people in the industry. But, Victoria persevered and her work did the talking for her. Her earlier work was recognized by some of the world's most elite fashion publications and influencers. 


Victoria began participating in New York Fashion Week and gained even more respect, year after year. She later expanded her empire to include fragrances, eyewear, and denim segments.

Now her apparel and accessories are stocked in over 500 stores across 60 countries, and is considered to be one of the most chicest female run empires in the fashion industry.


This working mom continues to strut her stuff (with her signature pose and all!) while creating timeless designs for the girl on the go. 


Let's all give it up for, Victoria Beckham - for being a woman that has shown she can have it all (including her hunky husband, David).